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TimberMark provides timber owners the most efficient timber sales marketplace and platform available today in West Virginia

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Hardwood Timber Markets Change ...
TimberMark Tracks the Market Every Day.

Appalachian Hardwood markets change often and trend up and down. In addition to hardwood log and lumber market price trends, local production factors  for logging, trucking and timber buyer demands will change frequently also.

Over the last 10 years, the hardwood market in West Virginia, and the United States have changed drastically.  Gone are the old days of guaranteed sales from sealed bids. The hardwood industry’s buyer’s pool for standing timber has decreased and consolidated considerably. More often than not, in today’s market, timber sales will take longer, are often negotiated contracts and are dependent on the current availability of logging contractors to perform the harvesting and trucking.  Timber sellers today, run more risk attempting to negotiate these types of timber sale contracts in this much more complicated and diversified hardwood market.

The good news is that hardwood markets are strong, stable and certain hardwood species are selling for premiums in today’s market.  Our TimberMark – Timber Marketplace platform is for timber sellers and buyers to open up these new timber marketplace opportunities.

For sellers of hardwood timber, the TimberMark platform from Kanawha Forestry gives timber sellers these powerful tools:

  • A central marketplace and platform to market and advertise their timber sale to the forest industry
  • The same professional forestry and timber brokerage experience provided for timber sellers by Kanawha Forestry for nearly 30 years now
  • The ability to stay more informed about timber markets and sale status relating to your timber sale
  • A cloud based account system to store your timber sale and land management related documents
  • User friendly tools to keep updated on the status of your sale as it proceeds in the market
  • Our professional forester’s advice on how to best prepare and present your timber sale to market
  • Our suite of various sale formats and timber purchase payment options

Market mistakes, missteps and poor marketing when selling timber can be costly. The current hardwood markets today do create good sale and income opportunities for forestland owners that know how to enter the market.  Our forestry team and TimberMark platform provides sellers the hardwood marketplace opportunities they need.  Let our team help you seize your best timber sale opportunities by contacting us below. To schedule a discussion with a forester you can also call us at (877) 65TREES, (877) 658-7337 or (304) 727-2515.